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My name is Whitney Stevicks I am the Licensed Massage Therapist at Heavenly Hands. I received my License in September of 2012. I spent 6 months at Metro Business College in Jefferson City, Missouri and 9 months in Rolla, Missouri at Metro Business College where I Graduated!!!!! The journey has changed my Life. I became Aware and Educated about the Natural Therapy of Massage and excited to share my knowledge with any and every client that I meet. There are Endless reasons to get a massage and it all is about your Health. I truly love and respect what I do and thank God for helping me find my gift. My work history includes working at Pamper Me Beautiful for over 2 years and I also have spent 6 months working part time at the Lake of the Ozarks at American Physical Therapy. Began my journey with Heavenly Hands in 2015!!!!!!! I believe in Customer Service and Confidentiality with each and every client, as well as letting people know all the Wonderful Benefits to Massage.

Why us?

Heavenly Hand's first priority is communication with each client and their individual needs. Personalization is key cause everyone is different. At Heavenly Hands we have High Expectations of Ourselves to have Professionalism, Customer Service, Education and respect for the Natural Therapy.

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