God Bless Everyone!!!!

We are still not Open for Business right now and I am not going to lie. We are Missing Everyone. Through Heavenly Hands we have gotten to meet So Many Beautiful People and felt like we were getting to Fellowship and Tell Everyone all about the Natural Therapy. Our hearts was full. We believe in the Power of Touch and this social distancing is not in our favor right now lol. We don't know how long we will be closed. Thru our Facebook page and website we will keep everyone updated: We learned the Hippocrates Oath when in Massage School that says:

"first do no harm" is that, in certain cases, it may be better to do nothing rather than intervening and potentially causing more harm than good.

So It makes it simple for us to know that we cannot Open yet. Pray for us. We are a small business and being closed half of March and going into April is unknown for us. We put our Faith is God and are Walking by Faith and not by Sight with this situation.

Call us at: (573) 586-6095 or Message us on Facebook